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The Reimbursement Group (TRG) provides tactical and strategic services in support of new technology biologics and medical devices. We help manufacturers and providers navigate the gap between product launch and wide-spread adoption. Secure coding. Remove barriers. Reduce liability. Educate.






Expand Your Reach

TRG Associates are experienced professionals who can provide your company with the expanded capabilities needed to meet all your reimbursement needs. Whether insourcing or outsourcing your Reimbursement Department, TRG is available to help you serve your customers including sales teams, clinicians, regulatory, governmental agencies, and payor medical directors.

TRG Offers the Following Services:

    Case Management Support
    • Pre-Certification, Prior Authorization, and
      Pre-Determination Services
    • Call Center Services
    • Claim Appeal Support
    • Physician Relations
    • Coding Guidance
    Strategic Reimbursement Planning Services
    • Reimbursement Landscape Assessment
    • Product Pricing Review
    • Coding and Reimbursement Prospectus
    • Payor Adoption Assessment
    • Sales Projections and Utilization
    • Reimbursement Resource Planning
    • Payor Timelines and Action Items Analysis
    • Charge Description Master Strategies
    Field Services Management
    • Reimbursement Hotline Services
    • Coding and Chart Audits (Hospital and Physician)
    • Creation of Coding Guidance Documents
    • Product Launch Support
    • Sales Training Events
    • Surgeon Training Events
    • Investor Relations and Reimbursement Education
    Payor Policy Development
    • Commercial Health Policy Development
    • CMS Local and National Coverage Support
    • New Technologies Assessment Committee Support
    • Professional Societies Educational Support
    Clinical Services
    • Incorporation of Key Clinical Trial Reimbursement
    • Clinical Trial Site Health Economics Audits
    • Development of Health Economics and Quality of
      Life Studies
    • Market Development and Reimbursement Support
    • Establishment of Work Comparables and Value
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